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You ask an object to do something for you by sending it a message and it responds, just as a real computer server in a network might do. And just like in a real computer server, you are not privy to its internal state. They make OOP harder than it has to be, and are an endless source of confusion for many.

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As Robert C. Objects are not data structures. Inheritance is not mandatory in Smalltalk. You may use composition or aggregation as appropriate for your programming solution. Any hysteria over the "flaws" of inheritance is just that: hysteria As a tool, inheritance is certainly applicable and appropriate in many situations, for example, GUI programming. Especially if you employ inheritance as a means of specialization and not code reuse.

There are many different flavours of Smalltalk. The one I'll be discussing here is called Pharo.

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It's an open source variant of Smalltalk modernized for the Twenty-First Century. The Pharo Consortium helps to make the language enterprise-ready.

Object Oriented Concepts in Smalltalk-part1

Some notable Consortium members are:. What you are actually downloading is the Pharo Launcher, a powerful tool that allows you to create a variety of Pharo images.

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You can then launch any of those images as you like. For Linux, you need to change directory to where the Pharo Launcher was downloaded to and execute the script:. You can put this into a shell script I called mine start and run it as a program by setting the permission see the properties of the script file.

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  • When you start up the Pharo Launcher, you see two sections: Templates and Existing images which is initially empty. From the Templates side, pick the latest stable official distribution Pharo 6. To open the System Browser, left-click on open space to bring up the World menu, then select System Browser.

    Now, you shall create the canonical Hello World program.

    Smalltalk: The Original Object-Oriented Programming Language?

    First, you need to create a package and class for it. Edit or type the following in the Edit pane:. Now, you need to create a method or function for your Greeter class. For simplicity, skip this. Your Hello World program prints to the Transcript similar to a console. To open the Transcript, left-click on open space to bring up the World menu, select Tools, and then select Transcript. Finally, to run your program, you need to open the Playground. To open the Playground, left-click on open space to bring up the World menu, then select Playground.

    In Playground, enter the following text:. Smalltalk's syntax is based almost entirely on message passing : sending messages to objects.

    ENMF 619.09 Object Oriented Programming and Engineering Applications H(3-0)

    Even its control structures like conditionals and loops are implemented using messages. This makes the language so simple that its complete syntax fits on a post card!

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    There are three kinds of messages: unary, binary, and keyword which takes arguments. The Art and Science of Smalltalk by Simon Lewis - Prentice Hall This practical book provides an effective introduction to programming in Smalltalk, and explains the most efficient ways to think about and work with the system.

    The demystifies the transition from conventional programming to Smalltalk. Inside Smalltalk by W. Lalonde, J. Pugh - Prentice-Hall An intro to the object-oriented programming language Smalltalk, with an emphasis on classes, subclassing, inheritance and message passing.