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Give us a call at , or visit our web site or send us a message at urgentrequest boblevitus. We offer training, troubleshooting and technical support.


Tags Backing up , Troubleshooting. To get to it, highlight some text--on a web page, in Mail or in most Macintosh applications. Then hold down the Control key and click into the highlighted text. A menu similar to this one will appear. I was recently exploring System Preferences and I found an intriguing item in the Speech Preference:.

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Now, click on whatever key combination you would like to use, but remember, there are lots of key commands already in use. I just hold down all the keys to the left of the Space Bar, and the S key for speak. The best part of using a keyboard combination is that pressing the same combination again turns the speech off! There is so much that the Mac can do. If you would like a little help, give us a call at Bob LeVitus Consulting. You can telephone us at , or visit our web site or send us a message at urgentrequest boblevitus. Mac consulting business. I am an active member of the Macintosh user group community.

I have been solving Mac problems and teaching Mac users for over 20 years. While there are many technical information sites, my purpose is to write clear solutions to common Macintosh problems with lots of illustrations to make it easy to follow along. In my work as a consultant, I must keep my computer up-to-date, so illustrations and directions will be made from the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system.

AMA Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities.

Blog Bob LeVitus Consulting. Nov MacMousecalls Feb Aug There are some questions that we get asked again and again. I hope the information presented here makes it possible for you to copy a DVD since photo slideshows and videos make great gifts. Please do a search on the Internet and remember that piracy is illegal if you are trying to copy a commercial DVD. If the DVD starts playing automatically, press the esc escape key. Fixed an issue where the menu item "Move to Next" was not disabled for repeating to-dos. Fixed a bug where Things crashes when in edit mode while launching an AppleScript.

Fixed an issue where area and project headers would show up multiple times in the Next list. The hotkey option for the Quick Entry dialog is now disabled when unchecked. Fixed crash when syncing after deleting the library on the Mac only when tags in areas were present on the iPhone.

Updated index and keyboard shortcuts. Fixed an issue where "delete every area" did not delete the last area. Certain network conditions made the sync progress window appear even when there was no sync session in progress. Fixed display bug that occurred when entering long notes or titles in lists containing only a few to-dos.

Fixed a bug that prevented text to be copied into the Quick Entry dialog. New model for working with delegated to-dos.

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Delegated to-dos retain their focus and are visible both under the teammate as well as in the focus they have been moved into. When updating from Things 1.

Saving Chart Templates in PowerPoint for Mac

Added support for Area sync for Things for iPhone. When an overdue to-dos is set to Not Today, it will stay in the Next list until the next day. Previously overdue to-dos were moved back to Today upon restarting Things or syncing. Changed keyboard shortcut for the "File Updated the software auto-update mechanism we are now using Sparkle 1.

New support URLs instead of the previous built-in window. Updated and re-worked the UI of the iPhone Preferences pane.

Indoor / Outdoor Sports Complex • 815.455.6634

Changed computation of badge count in sidebar and dock icon for better compatibility with Things touch. Significantly improved the reliability of Wifi sync. Added warning message when delegating a to-do from a project that has already been delegated. Global search now finds to-dos from inactive projects. The "Show in Project" command now also works when the Active Projects group is collapsed in the sidebar.

The drop targets for drags to the top or bottom of a list are larger now and drop indicators are fully drawn. Creating new to-dos in the Trash is now prevented. Tag hierarchies are now being handled correctly would previously hang when setting parent tags.

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Wrong button style in trial-expiration dialog on Mac OS X Repeating projects without a due date no longer display a wrong due date of Disabled non-functional "Toggle Someday" menu command for tasks in a project. Improved reliability of iPhone sync for canceled projects. Improved reliability of iPhone sync in situations where tasks in a completed project have been unchecked. Fixed various situations that led to empty todos in the iPhone's Inbox.

Adding a new task to a completed project uncompletes the project. Adding a new task to a logged project sets the new task to logged. Marking a task in a completed project as uncompleted also marks the project uncompleted. Uncompleted projects can no longer be dragged to the Logbook. Repeating tasks can no longer be moved into projects using the File dialog. When dragging items from the Trash to an area, they no longer stay in the Trash, but are made active instead. Reodering tags in the Tags window no longer crashes the app.

Removed a bug that sometimes causes Things to crash during sync. Removed a bug that led to area headings appearing in the Inbox on the desktop after moving items to the Inbox on the iPhone. Drag and drop of projects and areas in the sidebar is now immediately reflected throughout the entire UI.


Fine tuned the Inbox and Area icons. Setting multiple projects to inactive at once is now also possible when both active and inactive projects are selected. License dialog. Name is no longer pre-populated from the Address Book since this caused confusion. Pressing the escape key in the iCal preference pane no longer dismisses changes without a warning. Fixed a bug where the date chooser would not disappear after editing the due date of a project. When the Things window is minimized, clicking on the Dock icon now maximizes the window.

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