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As such, the blades are exposed to the core's neutron flux, resulting in irradiation of blade structural and absorber materials. Since the absorber depletes with time if B 4 C is used, it also swells and the structural components undergo various degradation mechanisms e. Consequently, BWR utilities have implemented strategies that aim to maximize blade lifetimes while balancing operational costs, such as extending a refuelling outage to shuffle high exposure blades.

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This paper examines the blade replacement strategies used by BWR utilities operating in US, Europe and Asia by assembling information related to: the utility's specific blade replacement strategy; the impact the newer blade designs and changes in core operating mode were having on those strategies; the mechanical and nuclear limits that determined those strategies; the methods employed to ensure that lifetime limits were not exceeded during operation; and blade designs used current and replacement blades.

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BWR control blade replacement strategies|INIS

Export to Mendeley. Get permanent URL for this record. Please provide a name for this query:. The article describes the impact of metallurgical parameters on the oxidation resistance of zirconium alloys.

Nuclear Reactor Types

It concludes with a discussion on LWR coolant chemistry and corrosion of fuel rods in reactors. Cramer, Bernard S. Covino, Jr. More than books and data products on topics related to materials properties, performance, processing, and evaluation. Sign In or Create an Account.

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