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  1. Ancient Syria Paperback a Three Thousand Year History for sale online | eBay
  2. Syria--Culture and History: Archaeology & Early Civilization
  3. A Three Thousand Year History
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His tale is well-told and the narrative twists and turns through the millennia from the 24 th century BC to the 7 th century AD , providing us with a vivid picture of the history of Syria.

Ancient Syria Paperback a Three Thousand Year History for sale online | eBay

However, the narrative method is sometimes questionable given the uneven quality and quantity of his material. For instance, the chronicle narrative applied to chapters 7 Neo-Assyrian invasions and 10 Seleucid military campaigns in the East , turned out to be unsuitable to tell us about Bronze Age Syria, for which we obviously have less written documentation. The same can be said of the Seleucid excursus where the Seleucid expansion in the East has sometimes scanty relation with the events of the Seleucid Antioch in Syria.

Regrettably, the scholarly impact of the book will be limited. The author has occasionally overlooked the most recent scientific contributions to specific matters he wanted to focus on and sometimes offers traditional interpretations to old problems by ignoring fundamental academic updates.

In addition, the linguistic scenario of the Nabateans depicted by Bryce page is not completely exhaustive. The author states that scholars generally conclude that the language spoken by the Nabateans was a form of Arabic, whereas they used Aramaic as a written language. However, during the time of the Nabatean expansion from Arabia to Syria late 2 nd century BC , various forms of Aramaic were spoken by the local population, and even if the Arabicization of the countryside was still on its way, the majority of Syrian population under Nabatean control was still speaking some forms of Aramaic as their mother tongue.

This scenario may have influenced the choice of the written language, indeed, but we cannot exclude that the complexity of the linguistic situation within the very close Nabatean community i. Other minor incorrect pieces of information are provided here and there. Bryce usually retains the old reading Mitanni instead of Mittani. Bryce describes the site of Ebla in detail p.

Syria--Culture and History: Archaeology & Early Civilization

In conclusion, Ancient Syria should be read, studied or consulted by those who want to deepen their knowledge about an amazing country, cradle of cultures and civilizations. It has not been done before in such a comprehensive way.

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One must be grateful that the multiple fascinating hi stories of ancient Syria are now accessible to a wider audience. Trevor Bryce, The Kingdom of the Hittites.

A Three Thousand Year History

New Edition. A Political and Military History.

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Mauro Giorgieri, Il frammento di lettera KBo 8. Luwian and Hittite Studies Presented to J. David Hawkins on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday. All contributed, in one way or another, to Syria's special, distinctive character, as they imposed themselves upon it, fought one another within it, or pillaged their way through it.

Ancient Syria 9780198828907 Paperback a Three Thousand Year History

But this is not just a history of invasion and oppression. Syria had great rulers of her own, native-born Syrian luminaries, sometimes appearing as local champions who sought to liberate their lands from foreign despots, sometimes as cunning, self-seeking manipulators of squabbles between their overlords. They culminate with Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, whose life provides a fitting grand finale to the first three millennia of Syria's recorded history.

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Fertile Crescent Fertile Crescent from the Ancient History Encyclopedia A brief encyclopedic article about the origins of civilization in the "Fertile Crescent--the region in the Middle East which curves, like a quarter-moon shape, from the Persian Gulf, through modern-day southern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and northern Egypt.

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